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Clay Facial Mask All Natural Skin Care Powder

Clay Facial Mask All Natural Skin Care Powder

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Refines and cleanses pores while nourishing. Softens fine lines, helps clear scars, renews and enriches skin cells. Deep acting, reprograms your skin, for clear, luminous glowing days ahead. Mix with a bit of water to create a clay like consistency. Smear over your face and leave on for about 15 minutes. Don't allow the mask to dry on your face as this can irritate your skin. When it begins to dry wash off with warm water and finish with cold water and your favorite lotion!

Antioxidant Clay Facial Mask/Clay Face Mask/All Natural Skincare

2 oz glass jar with screw top 

Ingredients as follows: 

  • French green clay with pumpkin and flax 
  • Kaolin clay with oat milk, banana and cinnamon
  • *note cinnamon can be irritating to some skin types. 
  • Bentonite Clay with coconut milk kaolin and activated charcoal *acne*
  • Moroccan Clay with rose hips and rose petals *may temporarily stain skin*
  • Rhassoul Clay with moringa and ashwaganda
  • Sea Clay with match green tea and oatmeal
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