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Wheat Grass Sprouting Seeds

Wheat Grass Sprouting Seeds

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Growing sprouting seeds is simple, fun and tasty! I love wheat grass the best and I like to juice it and do a shot in the morning to start my day. When you first do wheat grass it is odd but it grows on you fast and before long your body will crave it! 

Growing it and juicing it yourself is easy and it is a great way to get your greens even when you have trouble getting to the store or the stores are closed!

This is for a 2oz container of wheat grass seeds which weighs about 3.5 oz and will fill an 8inch tray. 

Kits coming soon!  

If you purchase more than the 3.5 oz they will come in a stand up pouch instead of the tin!

If you have allergies to wheat, avoid wheat grass

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