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Piercing Salve Organic

Piercing Salve Organic

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Problem piercings come from switching out jewelry too soon to put in "cute" jewelry, messing with your piercing, not cleaning it properly or enough and sometimes the piercing hole takes a long time to heal, cartilage piercing especially! 

Once upon a time, we used to recommend over the counter antibiotic ointment for problem piercings because it worked quickly and completely however now that we know better and have done a lot of research on petroleum products, we decided to make our own!

Our organic piercing salve is made with: 

Avocado oil, comfrey leaf, plantain leaf, calendula flowers, rosemary leaf, beeswax and tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil. This combination creates an antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral salve for piercing healing. 

A little bit goes a long way and a small sample will last a good long time!

This is our Neo Salve re-labeled for piercings! 

All our salves come in glass jars. Using glass limits us on sizes available but I prefer the glass jars which are easy to purify and they are re useable when your salve is gone you can use it for other things which reduces waste in the landfills 

None refundable item. 


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