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Moonstone & Crescent Moon Ring Oval

Moonstone & Crescent Moon Ring Oval

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Beautiful Moon Magic Ring! The face on this ring is 25mm x 17mm (almost an inch x just over 1/2 inch) and it contains a large crescent moon, an 8mm Rainbow Moonstone gemstone and star imprints. This ring matches our Moon Magic collection items!   

  • Sterling silver .925 (does not contain nickel or lead) 
  • 8mm AA Grade Rainbow Moonstone or AAA Moonstone (photo shows Rainbow Moonstone) 
  • Face is 25mm x 17mm    

Moonstone, by its very name, has been connected to the moon and to the subconscious and unconscious. Wherever we go on Earth, the moon is with us, no matter where or how far our journey takes us which is why it was a popular stone for protecting travelers. Moonstone is also believed to encourage lucid dreaming and promote emotional openness to new experience. This openness is part of how moonstone is thought to relieve stress by calming the mind and soothing the spirit. Gem therapists and Ayurvedic doctors even use a specific form of moonstone to cure anxiety and strengthen the will.

The crescent moon is remember to keep moving forward despite the fears, doubts or any emotions that can get in the way. Utilize any emotional energy into a creative passion that you can achieve tasks and finish goals

Stars represent Spirit. The Star is a symbol of aspiration, inspiration, imagination, wonder, dreams, pursuits, magic, creative brilliance, and divine guidance.

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