Little Hoop Earring Solid Silver Plain Single

Size Guide

Our standard plain hoops look amazing! Just a simple hoop for men and women. .999 Solid silver plain hoop for piercings! Great for first holes and can be worn in helix, daith, rook etc.

  • .999 Solid silver (does not contain nickle) 
  • Multiple gauges
  • Multiple diameters 

This is for a single hoop and come in multiple diameters from 5mm to 12mm! See sizing photo for exact measurements! Available in 22 to 18 gauge! 16 gauge is available in our endless hoops

Looking for the perfect fit or not sure what size you wear?

You can watch our video on measuring How to measure your piercing for diameter

Here is a quick guide that shows the potential sizes for each piercing! Ear sizing chart

Be SURE to watch this video on how to put them in and take them out! Very easy when you know how to do it! How to put in and take out little hoop earrings

Need information on gauges? The gauge is the size of your piercing hole! 20 gauge most common is a standard earring gauge that you find in department stores, watch our video for more information! Gauges explained 

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How to put in and take out little hoop earrings


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