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Our handmade 14k gold filled spiral (approximately 3/4 inch) with fire opal (synthetic/man made) necklace in your choice of lengths from 14 inches to 30 inches!  

  • 14k gold filled 14/20 (does not contain nickle or lead) 
  • 14k gold filled dainty 1.5mm chain in your choice of lengths
  • 4mm synthetic fire opal in your choice of colors
  • 8mm 14k gold filled lobster claw clasp 

The spiral is a spiritual symbol that represents the change of life as it unfolds. Life begins at the center and extends outward, it ends at the top representing our spiritual journey beginning. It represents enlightenment, nirvana and cosmic awareness

Gold is a masculine energy and represents wealth, success status and achievement! It can also represent higher ideals and wisdom. Its a symbol of a deep understanding of the self and the soul! 

This also comes in sterling silver a feminine energy! 

and in Sterling silver gemstone and sterling silver fire opals

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