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Facial Mask Powder Moroccan Clay

Facial Mask Powder Moroccan Clay

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Facial masks are a great way to purify and tighten your skin and we have created many for different experiences! Powdered face masks are the only way to go because they allow you to decide what mix you prefer nd they last forever! Premixed clay masks will dry out in the jar and be a big disappointment when you open the jar and see it isn't useable! 

Ingredients: moroccan clay, rose hips, rose petals  

Moroccan Red Clay is an excellent moisturizing and cleansing facial clay. Rose hips exfoliate, brighten skin tone, hydrates and boost collagen. Rose petals hydrate, reduces redness, minimizes wrinkles and reduces oil. 

100% natural no toxins, no preservatives, no added fragrance 

Wash face, use a gentle but effective face scrub, mix face mask (see mixing option below) steam your skin with a warm wash cloth to open pores,  smear on your face and neck and allow to sit for 15 to 20 minutes then wash office. Finish with cool/cold water to close pores

This is a powder face mask and a 2oz container will do approximately 20 masks. You can mix your mask with the following options 

Water - this is perfectly fine for a face mask and will give you results 

Coconut water - This adds a touch of vitamins and minerals to your face mask

Honey - you can mix our mask with honey instead of water to add vitamins and minerals to your mask. 

Yogurt - you can mix your mask with yogurt for an added boost of nutrients

Apple cider vinegar - I love to use apple cider vinegar in my masks, it intensifies the mask tightening and add nutrients to your skin. 

Herbal tea - brew some herbal tea and cool and use the tea for your face mask. This just gives a little herbal boost to your mask. Any herbal tea is fine! 


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