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Eyelash Serum for Long Lush Lashes

Eyelash Serum for Long Lush Lashes

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This eyelash serum is formulated with nourishing oils to help your lashes grow longer, stronger and thicker. After your nigh time routine of washing and lotion put a drop or two on our finger and brush over your lashes. We don't include a brush with this, only a dropper, because no one likes the brush and ends up using a finger instead haha I find I have better coverage and control over the coverage with a finger. It takes awhile to see big results from this so be patient and keep applying it!

Ingredients: castor oil, emu oil, coconut oil and vitamin e oil 

100% natural and organic with no preservatives, scents or dyes! 

This is a 1/2 oz bottle and it will last a long time! 

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