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Caramel Corn - Choose Your Style

Caramel Corn - Choose Your Style

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It isn't easy to find a caramel corn that doesn't contain corn syrup and preservatives but you have stumbled on it! We make our caramel corn with all natural ingredients and it is made to order! When you order it, we make it, pack it and ship it to you! It is about as fresh as possible where shipping is concerned and oh so yummy!

Please note that almonds & chocolate can melt during shipping depending on weather conditions. If it is summer and the weather is hot please be aware that the chocolate drizzle can melt a bit during shipping. During the winter months this shouldn't be a problem!

Each bag is roughly 5 cups of popcorn 

  • Peanut 10oz
  • Plain 7oz 
  • Almonds & Chocolate 10oz 

Contains non GMO popcorn, organic molasses, organic maple syrup, sugar, butter, organic vanilla, peanuts, almonds, organic chocolate, salt 

Anyone with peanut, corn or wheat allergies should avoid this product

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