How do I know what size my piercing is?

To measure your piercing watch our video "how to measure your piercing"  Or if its a nose ring you can watch our measure your nose for a ring video for specifics on nose piercings

Is the size based on the whole ring or the inside dimensions?

Inside dimensions! Depending on the thickness of the ring the outside will be bigger! 

What gauge do I select? 

To find out about gauges watch our what gauge earrings do I need video A standard gun piercing is 20 gauge. If you were pierced with a needle it usually depends on the location of the piercing. Also another thing to keep in mind, If you were pierced with a 16 gauge but have been wearing 20 gauge, your piercing is now a 20 gauge! 

Can I leave my little hoops in? 

You bet! They are usually comfortable to sleep in and you can shower in them however be cautious of chlorine in pools and Jacuzzi's as they will tarnish. Check out our blog post on things that tarnish jewelry and how to clean it!

Will my jewelry tarnish?

ALL METALS TARNISH - Some tarnish slower than others and so many thing in your daily life cause cause tarnish. The easiest way to keep tarnish down is to take toothpaste and baking soda and rub the jewelry in the piercing then rinse in the shower! This will keep your jewelry shiny and tarnish free! 

Will sea salt solution tarnish my jewelry? 

You bet it will. Its horrible stuff for jewelry! You should wear the jewelry you get with your piercing for the time period required for healing. After the healing stage you can change your jewelry and stop using the sea salt solution. We recommend our piercing salve for piercings when you change out your jewelry use this for 2-3 days at night on the piercing and it will stop any irritation or infection that might happen! If you want to keep using your sea salt solution you can just don't put it on the jewelry!

What do I do if my piercing is infected? 

Many things can cause an infection, the most common is not giving our piercing enough time to heal before changing to cute jewelry! If you touch your piercing with your hands, anything on your hands can cause an infection. If you feel heat, tingling and itching just put some Piercing Salve on the piercing for 2-3 days until the symptoms stop. If it does not stop in a day take the jewelry out! Do not use hydrogen peroxide on your jewelry as it will turn it black!

Is your jewelry nickel and lead free? 

Everything we make is nickel and lead free with the exception of 14k white gold which does contain nickel. If you have a nickel allergy do not wear white gold! 

What is gold filled? 

Gold filled is an amazing product. It isn't plated (painted on) and wont chip, flake or wear off. It wears just like gold! Gold filled will not match most karat golds, because of the way gold filled is made (gold, zinc and copper) it wont match up with karat golds. Maybe 10k would be close but it will still have a more "pink" appearance. So if you are wearing a 14k gold ring and you are adding a gold filled ring as an accent you will be able to tell the difference. When you are wearing only gold filled it will appear as gold! 

What is Piercing Salve? 

We used to recommend antibiotic ointment for people struggling with piercing infections and irritations but we have a BIG problem with petroleum products. We wanted to get away from them completely and decided to make our own all natural organic antibiotic ointment. We use antibacterial and anti microbial herbs, healing oils and essential oils! This is a great salve to have on hand for every time you change out and/or clean your jewelry. It will help the jewelry go in easier and eliminate potential problems with irritation or infection!