Raw Diamond Nose Studs and Other Stuff

April 30, 2019

raw diamond nose studs 1.5mm

I just ordered a bunch of new material and I'm thrilled and waiting impatiently for them to arrive so I can make all the new creations that are bouncing around in my head! 

I was on the stationary bike and thinking about the past and I realized that I have had an interest in jewelry since I was a teenager living on the beach in Ventura California. I can remember wanting certain jewelry items (I was big into gold back then) and I was always a little frustrated with the lack of items available in gold and no one could really give me an answer when I asked "why doesn't this come in gold?" 

I now know the answer to this question after 12 years of making jewelry. Gold is soft and not a great medium for making jewelry. The items I've found that are available in gold are not nearly as pretty and detailed as their silver counterparts.

Now like all the silversmiths before me, make more silver than gold items and unlike my childhood I have switched from wearing gold to wearing silver. I try to wear gold now and I just don't like it on myself..... and back to the point 

I have ordered new material and specifically rough gemstones which I will be making nose studs and rings for nose and ears and I'm hoping they will be ready to list next week! The item that I really hope is as stunning as I am imagining is the nose studs. Raw gemstone nose studs are really pretty and really unique and we are going to be offering many styles and colors!

Currently we offer them in blue apatite shown in the photo

blue apatite nose stud

I will be sure and update this post when they have been listed to let you all know they are here! Please share you thoughts an experiences with jewelry! Have you changed what you wear as you have gotten older? Or do you still wear the same types of items now? 

And more important what colors do you just love and would like to see in a raw gemstone? 

** UPDATE ** 

They have arrived! I worked on these over the weekend and I have to tell you they are SO tiny that I have a hard time working with them. I have to wear magnifying gear to see what I'm doing but I love the way they came out! I have decided to make them in all metals, sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k pink gold filled, solid 14k yellow, pink and white gold! I cannot wait to see how the look on and I will have photos for you soon! Melissa is one of our new models and we will soon have a photo shoot with her and these will be included! For the future we will have black, pink and possibly blue diamonds. I haven't decided on the blue yet, what do you guys think? Are blue diamonds all the rage or no? 

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