USPS Shipping Christmas 2020

USPS Shipping Christmas 2020


Tis the season! I just have to say this right out! USPS is horrible this year, completely horrible. In almost 20 years of shipping many orders a day I have never seen it this bad. I don't know if its political or because they are going under financially, I just know shipping is really bad right now!

We do not recommend shipping first class at all right now. First class is taking in excess of two weeks and even though we pay extra for the tracking service they aren't scanning and tracking packages. 

Priority isn't a whole lot better but it does seem to get packages to the destination in a bit over a week. 

We are adding right now the priority express option for usps and hopefully tomorrow ups shipping to give you more options. For those using the priority express option it is 1-2 days and if they dont deliver it on time you can get a 72% refund on the shipping. You just need to contact us and we will submit the refund for you!

We wish this was all better news and we wish that the post office was functioning better but we will get through this! 

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