Plated Piercing Jewelry vrs Quality Piercing Jewelry

September 01, 2019

Search for quality jewelry

I recently had the thought that I would start wholesale purchasing some piercing jewelry for a larger variety and to lighten the load of what we make in a day. Because we hand make everything we sell it can be difficult to keep up with supply and demand and handle all the day to day business details that we have to keep up on and I wanted to get some things that might be out of my expertise level

So I went on a quest to find a supplier that was in line with our quality standards. It took me a couple days to go through all the possibilities and in the end I decided not to do it.

Why? Because the majority of what is out there and available (please excuse my bluntness) is just crap! I was browsing through all the items looking at metals and gems and the whole time I was thinking "why would anyone put this stuff in their body" 

Let's get real here you are putting a hole in our body and sticking a piece of jewelry into it. Don't you want a good piece of metal to put in it? Wouldn't that be a something you would look for? 

I found some really cute items and they were Rhodium and I didnt know a lot about Rhodium so I went and did the research and I decided after a very short period of time it wasn't for me and my business and I just couldn't bring myself to carry something that was so cheap and might cause someone real issues with their piercing. Rhodium, Zinc Nickel, Alloy, Composite or cadmium, I don't care what you call it, plated jewelry is plated jewelry and though there might be some plating materials that are better than others in my mind plated jewelry means cheap, short lived, and a waste of money and on top of that they almost always have a health hazard attached to them! 

Plated jewelry is everywhere on the internet and the only thing that I found that was a "quality metal" was stainless steel and lets be honest here, if your 16 stainless steel might work for you but it's ugly and it looks cheap and there really aren't any really cute designs made in stainless. They also don't go with your grown up jewelry!

I have a model who wears a stainless steel bar in her ear and I HATE it! I don't think it looks good at all (especially since she isn't 16!) and I want to get her out of it and into something that would look amazing in her holes but she's been wearing it for years and loves it hahaha

So in the end I decided I just have to up my game on my designs and learn to create the pieces that I want rather than buy them because there isn't anything out there that I would wear, let alone recommend to my customers. Hand making all my products is a pain the butt and probably not the smartest business plan but it is necessary because I really need to have quality products!

This whole journey was very interesting and a little annoying and at the end of it I decided to increase the quality of our products and add more solid 14k and possibly 18k gold items. I'm actually getting ready to change all our listings to include solid 14k gold in addition to the gold filled (lower cost option) 

Please come back at a later date and explore all our new 14k yellow, pink and white gold options and until them you can shop our 14k gold options already listed

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Mens Size Chart

Read our article on gauges for more information and on diameters and how to measure 

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