Planet Pluto, Yes I Consider It A Planet

Planet Pluto, Yes I Consider It A Planet

Pluto is turning direct and it is on my mind! I am a double Sagittarius (sun and moon) with Mars, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn and I use the nick name Pluto's toy and I have felt like a toy to Pluto for the last 26 years!

When Pluto transits a planet in our chart you feel it! When NASA decided Pluto was an asteroid I laughed and shrugged it off much like the majority of the Astrology community. Pluto is a planet to me and always will be. 

It is the planet of transformation and when Pluto went conjunct my sun and moon in my 8th house my life flipped upside down, turned around about 10 times and slammed back down to earth looking very different than it did before! That transit was 14 years of constant transformation. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if my moon (emotions) wasn't conjunct my sun (my soul). For 14 years it was as if I was healing every emotional turmoil I had experienced in the last 12 lifetimes. 

Being conjunct my sun wasn't too bad. It seemed to put me on the path that I should have been on all along and now after a complete transit through Sagittarius and finalizing a transit through Capricorn I notice all the pieces of my life have come together nicely. 

Pluto, no matter how difficult a transit you have, has good intentions and if you can just relax and go with it, when it's done you will feel like it was the best thing that ever happened to you! 

It went retrograde this time April 27th and It started forward motion yesterday, October 6th, 2021. While it is retrograde it feels as if you are having growing pains and daily life is uncomfortable. When it switches gears and heads in direct motion, everything lightens up. For me anyway, for some depending on your sign and the planets in aspect to Pluto might not even be aware of it.

In addition to Pluto being retrograde, Saturn and Jupiter have also been retrograde and will turn direct October 10th and 17th. We have been struggling whether we know it or not! When Jupiter is retrograde (ruler of my sun and moon) I struggle! I struggle to the point where I often say " Ok I give up, I'm not doing it anymore" often! I need Jupiter, my natal sun and moon are ruled by Jupiter and my natal Jupiter is in Aries 12th house. When it's retrograde things don't work well! 

What does this mean for you? By the 20th or so of October you will probably be actively creating your life a new based on experiences you had while these heavy weight plants were retrograde most of this year! You will probably know what needs to change and what you need to do to move forward but if you don't know just look at the struggles you have had since April and find an easy way to do those things you struggled with. It might simply be changing the way you view things or it might be a complete lifestyle change or a major move! Whatever it is, think it through and get ready to make those changes in the next couple months!

In general I think we are all moving backwards in a sense. What do I mean by backwards? We are finding value in the way things used to be. I think technology will go through a massive change in the next 10 years but I am not sure it will be an advancement. We are seeing a lot of advancement in technology right now and most of us are aware that we are heading into a very difficult time. I think when the dust settles we will get back to our roots on all levels and we will find peace and happiness with the natural. We are all becoming very aware at how technology is making our lives and the lives of our children miserable!

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