New Thick Gauge Yogini Collection Hoop Earrings

New Thick Gauge Yogini Collection Hoop Earrings

Over the years of making jewelry and aging my tastes have changed and evolved. I have had multiple piercings for many years and I love them and for years I wore several hoops at once (I have worn these hammered hoops for years) but as my jewelry making changed and my taste in jewelry evolved and my love of nature grew I began wearing and creating different styles! I still make the little hoops for everyone who loves them, I'm just adding this new line for those who want to take this journey with me. I had considered keeping them to myself haha

 Thick gauge yogini hoops

This new style is my new love and I love them SO much that I will be offering them in many different styles! These photos are made to go with our yogini collection which contains matching rings, necklaces and tiny hoops so you can mix and match the entire collection!

yogini collection mystic moon shop 

I have decided to make this style available in our celestial witch collection, most styles in our green witch collection and our moon magic collection!

These hoops are super THICK ball hoops only available in sterling silver with various dangles. They come with two pairs of backs butterfly and rubber. They are a standard 20 gauge post hoop so just about anyone can wear them. If by chance you prefer them in a 12 gauge endless hoop we can do that as well upon request. You would place your order and in the notes on the invoice state you prefer them to be endless hoops and we will do them for you! 

Thick Hoops with Dangles 12mm

We can also do these in 16 gauge and 14 gauge endless but I am probably not going to add them to the listing. They will be available by special request only. 

It is very hard to see in the photos but these are standard hoops. They are 12 gauge and 12mm and they have a ball on the end to hold the dangled on the hoops. If you opt for the endless style there wont be a post or a ball just a 12 gauge endless hoop with dangles!  

I will be listing these SOON and I will send an email announcing they are available. If you are not on our email list you can sign up by going to the front page and scrolling to the bottom of the page! 

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