New Jewelry Boxes for Tiny Nose Rings and Earrings

New Jewelry Boxes for Tiny Nose Rings and Earrings

Finally we have added jewelry boxes to our shop! We have wanted to do this for many years and a lot of thought has gone into this project! These tiny little jewelry boxes are handmade hand painted dot mandala boxes with velvet bottoms. They are available as a box only with a velvet bottom (in various sizes) or a box with our little jewelry containers (empty but all our products come with these) and we have gift boxes available that include basic jewelry for easy and totally unique gifts! We also have a set of 3 boxes that stack inside one another! We will be adding these boxes over time and there will be no 2 alike! Each box is unique! We will be posting on instagram when we have added new boxes for sale and they will be first come first served! The new boxes will be posted here  We hope you enjoy these new beauties and we will let you know as soon as they are available for sale!

**Update: We have several boxes done and they are SO pretty, we are finishing them up and hope to have some posted for sale this holiday season. We cant wait to get them listed!! 

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