New Astrology Jewelry Now Available

July 30, 2020

Kunzite & Moon Bracelet

We have been adding new items everyday. Many items a day! I don't seem to be able to keep up with my creative mind these days. I am creating new items faster than I can get them photo's and listed haha Some of the new items are Astrology based and some are gemstone healing based and we have a lot more coming! 

Our new Astrology wide band bracelet is already wildly popular! This bracelet is 1/2 inch wide and made from sterling silver .925 with 14k gold filled accents. It has many thing going on but the best part is it is personal to you! It contains 3 astrology symbols that represent your sun, moon and rising. You do not have to know your signs you can enter your birth data and we will run your chart for you. We include a copy of your natal chart with your order too! 

personalized astrology bracelet

We will also have these available in a necklace and earrings soon!

We have another wide band bracelet for gemstone healing! This one is currently available with a Kunzite gemstone and we will be adding other gemstones available with this bracelet. These Kunzite stone will also be available in rings, earrings and necklaces too! 

Kunzite Gemstone Healing Bracelet

 These are a pair of our new earrings in sterling silver with moons and stars! I really love these earrings and have been wearing a pair for about a week and I never want to take them off! We have so many new earrings coming! 

Moon & star earrings in silver and gold

We also have some new crystal healing pendants with your choice of stone! We have two different ones the bigger version 

long healing crystal necklace

and a small version 

small gemstone healing necklace

I am currently wearing the long version in Labradorite and I LOVE it! We will also have the smaller size available in earrings soon! 

We are also FINALLY getting to all our moons! When we started that was the intent and we got caught up making little hoops and nose jewelry. When we were selling on Etsy we were constantly chasing our tails and had little time for creating new stuff but last year we left Etsy and got our web page set with our basic items that we will always make and have available to you and we now have time to create all our moons!

This moon is an example of whats to come. It is a Big 25mm crescent moon with a gold star on a chain 

large crescent moon necklace

I am wearing one of these with my crystal healing necklace and it is on a 33 inch chain and it is stunning! I love long necklaces and this one is super special. Soon these will be available in different moon sizes as well!

We hope you enjoy all the new beauties and we hope you come back and look at our collection again as we will be adding tons of new items! If you would like to be notified when we list new items just subscribe to our email list on the front page and we will email you when we add something new. You can also follow us on social media to see when new items are listed! 

Blessings ♥

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