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This holiday season, made in the USA has become a really important aspect of any business. We are seeing huge delays in products coming from other countries. Ships are stacked up at harbors coming into the US. Increased cost of shipping from other countries is hiking prices up and the dollar devaluation is causing prices of items to increase. 

We have a lot of problems with imports in this county these days and we do not see an end in sight. Everything that is or isn't being done about this is making it worse. We can debate about whether it is on purpose or by accident, regardless we have a big problem. 

We wanted to let you know that we are a 99.9% US Made company. We handcraft everything ourselves and all of our materials come from US companies. I think we have one item that comes from another country, and we have considered removing this item but it's very popular. We bought in bulk so we will most likely remove that option when we have sold them all. 

Our materials are US Made and supplied, most of our tools are US made and supplied. We aren't waiting on container ships to supply anything. Every dollar made through our business helps a US company. 

We have also taken it step farther. Because of all the taxes and VAT fees and restrictions on international orders we have decided not to sell to other countries either. This year many countries changed the way they collect taxes and the amount of taxes they charge. It's robbery! International customers, were expected to pay an average of 30% more in taxes and the post office is charging ridiculous shipping costs for international orders. We do not agree with any of this and made a choice to stop shipping to these countries in protest. 

We had a large number of international buyers, and we feel bad about cutting them off, but we feel like countries are taking advantage of people and making huge profits off them, and we want nothing to do with it!

Once the post office figures out a way to not rip people off with high shipping costs and the governments stop ripping them off charging excess taxes we will go back to selling in other countries. We do sell to Canada because they haven't done the same things other countries have done!

I think, with all that is going on in the world, these days it is even more important to buy US made products if you live in the US. During the holidays this will be important but coming into 2022 it will be even more important. 

When you purchase from Mystic Moon Shop, Inc you are buying from a small, US American made company and the money we spend, as a business and as people who work for a US company goes back into the US economy 100%!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for supporting American made companies who support other American made companies! We are all very grateful and we appreciate you! 

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