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Mystic Moon Shop Home Studio - Working From Home

Working from home can be a challenge and a joy all at the same time but we at Mystic Moon Shop have done it for 13 years and we wouldn't want it any other way!

The Corona virus situation has made it all too clear to us just how blessed we are to have built the business that we did and how the way we built it has helped us greatly during this very uncertain time. 

Mystic Moon Shop Web Page on a monitor

(Mystic Moon Shop web page shown above)  

Our morning commute consists of walking down our inside stairs to the lower level where our entire space there is devoted to our business. Because we work from our home, walk in traffic is not allowed by state and county offices, all of our business is conducted online and all our orders are shipped. We are restricted from having pick ups done. 

Front entrance to Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

(Bella waiting for us to get to work) She is always the first one in the office!

Part of Mystic Moon Shop Offices

(part of our office space)

Inside we have dedicated spaces for each of the stages of completing orders. We start with the creation areas where all the putting together and soldering happens. We have 3 of these areas. These are hot areas and the main focus of our work!

Soldering station at Mystic Moon Shop, inc

Then we have the packing and shipping area. This are where we pack up all the items that were made that day and they are all inspected and put into bags or containers ready to go to their locations. 

Shipping Center Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

We lay out all the packing supplies for the orders ahead of time for ease of packing. It's all neat and tidy however opening a window by this area is a bad thing to do hahaha Here we print the shipping labels and match the products with the labels and pack them up to go to the post office. 

Photo area at Mystic Moon Shop

We also have a wet area where new products are photographed before they are listed on the web site. And we have an area (not shown) where we tumble, polish and disinfect all our items before they are packaged and shipped 

So during this Corona virus lock down we are fully functional and are not influenced by the outside much. We are dependant on shipping services like USPS and UPS and if they stop delivering at any time we aren't able to complete our work and ship orders but in 13 years that has never been an issue for us! 

The only change to our lives at this time is we haven't been out in 3 weeks and that gets a little old and there appears to be no end in sight. We generally get out every day to hike, walk, shop and play golf and do other things that we enjoy!

We are safe and content and that is everything right now! We pray that you are all well and safe at home during this trying time as well! 

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