My Change Of Direction with Mystic Moon Shop

My Change Of Direction with Mystic Moon Shop

I have been making jewelry since about 2007. I started my business in 2008 on Etsy and started my web page several years later. Years ago I left Etsy and the only place I work now is my own web page. Since I began I have made over 100,000 orders. Our average order has multiple items so I have made probably double or even triple that amount and I have really enjoyed it. Sounds like I am about to say I'm quitting doesn't it? 

I'm not planning on quitting but I am without a doubt making a major shift. As most of you know I am currently having a big sale and I'm discontinuing a ton of products and that has a lot to do with my future direction.

In the past I have made jewelry that I thought other people wanted and I can honestly say I haven't felt a lot of the passion when making the pieces and over the years I have made some shifts and have started making things that I feel passionate about and enjoy making. So I am clearing out all my sample items through the sale and I am letting go of a ton of items I used to make. 

My taste has changed a lot, my level of skill has increased a great deal and I'm getting older and focusing my designs to a bit different audience. I think it is natural progression but I have also started a few other projects and they are taking a bit of my time (I will be blogging about these things in the future) and I no longer have the desire to work 16 hour days making jewelry I have no passion to make. You get the picture :)

A lot of the designs I am getting rid of are basic jewelry that you can buy anywhere online really. A lot of handmade people make similar designs and styles. They are what I would consider the staple of handmade jewelry. I am just not interested in making these anymore!

The world is changing a lot right now too. People are struggling to keep up with changes government's in all counties are making and I think our future will be very different than our past has been. I do believe that the future is very bright and beautiful for everyone but I think we will go through some difficult times between now and then and I don't think jewelry is going to be a top priority for many people!

I also have no idea what to expect from the metals market and I suspect if certain things happen in our financial system the cost of gold and silver could go to an extreme and make a lot of jewelry items out of reach for many people! We shall see where this goes and if by chance this happens we may end up not making jewelry anymore but only time will tell!

This is a look inside my brain and thoughts I am having about the future. I have my thoughts about this more in depth and have done readings on this but I am holding out for the sudden changes I know are coming. I know that we are all going through intense changes and I wish you all great luck and happiness in your changes!

If you see something in the sale items, grab it now because they wont come back for us and we have no idea what will happen in the metal market in the future. 

We will have a TON of new items coming and will send information soon. We are now doing a weekly email of everything we have posted and any shipping updates or changes that are happening but you can always visit this blog for articles in the mean time!

Blessings to all ♥

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