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New Moon Solar Eclipse Over Coming Fear

This year has been very trying, deceptive, confusing, unstable and just plain, tough! We are going through a HUGE change on every level possible. Mentally, emotionally, physically, globally!! Our friends and family are going through change and they guy who was a jerk at the grocery store is also going through massive changes! No one is immune to the energy that we are in!

One thing I notice in myself, and a lot of other people is, fear. There is so much fear in the world right now and rightfully so, things are scary if you watch the news or read a newspaper however turn off the news or put down the paper or social media and everything appears fairly normal. If you are aware of the things that are happening in the world you realize there is nothing normal about these times but staying away from the media is the easiest way to "feel" normal and minimize the whole "fear" mongering theme that is going on. 

We are in the midst of a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. It was exact last night around 10pm MTN standard time and humanity is moving into a "new way" of being. 

You may have already, or you may in the near future notice a little less fear in your life. If you haven't noticed the shift, you will want to check in with yourself and ask how you are feeling. Take some time away and just check in with yourself and if you find you haven't had a release of fear, you will want to work on "letting it go" and actually just "let everything go" 

Personally, I have had a massive shift of energy this last week, followed by sudden and complete clarity, and it felt so amazingly liberating! I went through a hard healing process the week before and I was aware that it was healing something from my past.

After I had the healing week, I had a dream about a big black spider (tarantula) in my kitchen near where I keep eggs and upon looking up symbols to better understand the dream, I realize it was a symbol of an ending to some type of karma and a new beginning was coming. The days following this dream I noticed fears I was having about the state of the world and things happening in it were waning. 

I have been working on releasing fear for some time and with the karmic healing event, once that was over the fear left. 

Fear is a survival instinct. If you were being chased by a lion that fear would come in handy in making you aware, it's time to run! Sadly, though there are a lot of people trying to fake us into fear right now. There is no lion, and we don't need to run but many would like us to think there is a lion around the corner and we do need to run! Don't be fooled and if you insist on allowing yourself to hold onto fear, be prepared there are going to be consequences of allowing your fear to rule your life. 

The universe is pushing us to a place of calm and peace and there are amazing things coming. We are healing, releasing the past and clearing out karma. We are learning a new way of being and we are changing our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world. We are learning to have confidence in ourselves and to honor the perfection of ourselves. Allow this process, allow the healing to happen. 

Normally New Moons are about new beginnings, but this new moon solar eclipse is a great time to stop, relax, reflect, meditate and heal. The new beginnings will come soon but right now just reflect, relax and allow yourself to flow with life. Don't think about how great things will happen, don't try to plan new things, just learn how to relax into life and allow new and amazing things to happen!

New things are going to happen, and they are going to be amazing, and you are going to be SO excited when these things start to flow into your life, if you can just relax and let go of the fear!

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