Double Endless Nose Rings

November 01, 2021

double endless nose ring in gold

Our double endless nose ring is one of our top sellers and rightfully so because they are stunning on and give the illusion of having two nose rings with a single nose piercing. 

double endless nose ring in gold

When your not used to them they can be a little tricky to get on but once they are on they look amazing. To put them on you just put one end into your piercing and turn and keep turning it until the end of the ring sits against your nose! It isn't as difficult as it appears at first! Just turn until it stops!

metal selection of double nose ring

We make these in a bunch of metals too. Sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k pink gold filled, and solid 14k yellow, white and rose gold. We can also make these in Palladium white gold which is nickel free gold custom. Just email us for a current price and availability!

Dot twist double nose ring

We also make these in a dot twist double in sterling silver, 14k gold filled and 14k pink gold filled. 

Did you know you can also wear these in an ear piercing? They look so cute on an ear too! 


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Read our article on gauges for more information and on diameters and how to measure 

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