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Change, Growth and Progress

I had an impulse to write a blog post about all the changes happening in life and with our business but once I opened the form and choose a photo of this lovely sunflower that was getting ready to burst into a beautiful flower, I drew a total blank. 

Everything in life is like this sunflower right now. Getting ready to bloom! The garden this year is almost out of control and I plan to spend the afternoon getting some order in the chaos by pulling weeds and planting for fall harvest. I am eager to harvest seeds but have months to go before we get to the point of doing that and a ton of canning and preserving vegetables to do between now and then. 

I have spent the last several days in front of the computer (my least favorite thing to do) organizing and listing new products that were made over the last several months and, although I have more to list I am feeling the garden calling me. I also have things I need to do in the house so I think after this blog post I will spend some time getting things cleaned and organized so I can come back and focus on adding products and creating new things and working in front of the computer again.

I have listed a lot of items, candles I've recently made, incense holders and incense, sweet treats, garden and plant stakes and magnets and that took me two days combined with making orders, shipping and gardening. I have probably another 2 days of work to do to get books, boxes and trinket dishes listed then I am onto the balms, salves, lip gloss, perfume, melt and more!

I have done a ton of videos and I haven't made editing them a priority hahaha I have several for this page and several for mystic supplies which is where I post all our gardening and cooking videos on our total creation blog. 

More coming soon, I am off to the garden and move my body that is tired of sitting in a chair for days! Blessings ♥

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