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May 28, 2021

Celestial Necklace Mystic Moon Shop

I totally LOVE this collection! I don't recall what made me create it but I am so glad I did and I wear this one often. I love the combination of silver and gold and of course my favorite symbols, moons & stars. I also mix in some rune symbols for protection and a pyrite gemstone which also works to block negative energy and bring only positive vibes into your life! 

I think I have covered most items however I do have a plan to make some piercing jewelry to go with this collection in the future. To start there is the celestial witch necklace which is just stunning on! 

celestial witch collection oval necklace

This one has a crescent moon and star with a faceted pyrite gemstone and a bunch of star impressions. On the crescent moon is a yin and yang symbol for balance in life! You can get this necklace in your choice of chain lengths. 

We have a matching ring in the oval too! This is a stunning ring and every time I wear it I get TONS of complements

Celestial witch collection rings

The large oval contains a crescent moon and a star only in this one that star is done in gold where on the necklace the moon is done in gold! There are some star imprints and flow imprints and there is a rune symbol for protection. The pyrite is a faceted 3mm gem! I am linking this photo to the round oval but you can find the small crescent moon and star rings on our celestial witch collection page.  

We have a bunch of earrings with this collection as well and they are all on the celestial witch collection page. Some have gemstones and some dont. These are my favorite and they actually don't have gemstones but we have a smaller version that includes the gem. 

celestial witch collection long dangle earrings

Those are just a few of the items in this collection. There are a bunch of other items and as I said before I am working on coming up with some really cool matching piercing jewelry! 

Visit the entire collection

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