Are You Grateful For All You Have?

Are You Grateful For All You Have?

Being ungrateful is a form of negativity. Poor me, I never get what I want, I'm so picked on, everyone is out to get me, I always get the short stick, no one likes me, no one respects me, and so on. 

Being grateful fills your heart with love and blessings, especially when you are grateful for the smallest of things. When you are grateful for what you have you make room for the universe to give you more. Yet you don't need anymore because you are in a state of gratefulness for everything you do have. 

Does someone love you? Be grateful because honestly, they don't have to. If you are with someone and it isn't perfect, you want more from it or you want to be treated better, fighting and complaining isn't going to make it any better. If it's really bad maybe you need to leave. If it's just annoying and the person you are with isn't moving fast enough or isn't your idea of the perfect mate, try being grateful that you have someone in your life that you share intimate feelings with. No one can tell you what to do in your life or your relationships and I would be the last one to try and tell you how to live your life. What i am saying is, make sure you aren't just being ungrateful in the situation. If you are being ungrateful and you decide to end it, you will eventually regret it. 

Do you have a job that you hate? If so, try being grateful about the job you have and see if things change. If you put yourself in a state of being completely grateful and it still stinks, you can leave it knowing it just isn't right for you. Better yet, if you can put yourself in a place of gratitude about this job you don't like, you might find that a better job offer comes in. 

I am grateful for most things in my life but at times I get out of that gratitude place and fall into negativity and when I do nobody can do anything right and it feels like everyone is doing me wrong. Looking at the situations with a clear mind I find that it comes from past pain, past problems and past situations where you felt cheated and have vowed never to be there again. 

The other thing that creates an ungrateful attitude is not being clear about what you want. Maybe you think you want something more or different but do you really? Have you ever thought you wanted something, only to get it and realize you didn't really want it? I think we all have! 

These days being grateful is really difficult. There is so much injustice in the world right now, tensions are really high, and everyone is fighting. Imagine if everyone suddenly stopped fighting and forcing things and just focused on being grateful for everything. Would the world change? 

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