All Girls Garage Faye Hadley

May 16, 2019

All Girls Garage Faye Hadley

We recently found out that Faye Hadley from All Girls Garage is a fan of Mystic Moon Shop!

All Girls Garage is a TV show on the Motor Trend Channel 

Faye is seen here wearing our gold twist septum ring and gold face hammered and gold faceted nose rings. They look awesome don't they?

Faye Hadley Nose Rings

This girl is awesome! Faye also has her own business Pistons & PixieDust where she teaches and empowers women to fix their own cars! 

I once thought I might work on cars, I bought a 1970 Chevy Camero and with the help of my dad who was a Civil Engineer and Auto Mechanic rebuilt it. I learned a great deal about cars during the rebuild and though I choose not to work on my own cars now because I make jewelry instead hahaha Due to time issues with running Mystic Moon Shop and Mystic Supplies  but I know a great deal and can speak to mechanics about what's happening with my car and I know when I'm being taken advantage of. 

I think this is SO important for women to learn and be able to fix things themselves and I think Faye is amazing and awesome for helping women do this! 

She also has a mobile car service in the San Antonio area if you need someone to come out and handle the work! 

Check out faye on All Girls Garage and if your in the San Antonio area take her class! 

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