All About Super Thin, Super Delicate Nose Rings

October 14, 2021

super thin gold nose ring

I have all these great photos that customers submitted of their purchase and I used to have an app that displayed these photos and we ended up getting rid of it because it was super heavy and didn't function the way we wanted it to function. I had forgotten about them until today when I found them and decided to add them here with information about the items being worn!

This post is about our super thin nose rings which are one of our most popular nose rings of all time.

We make this in a bunch of metals. You can get it in sterling silver, 14k gold filled, 14k pink gold filled, 14k solid yellow, rose and white gold here 

super thin nose ring appreciate photo      super thin nose ring being worn super thin nose ring on girl

We have recently added some new metals. You can now get them in palladium and platinum gold and we also make them in niobium colors black, antique bronze and rainbow

thin gauge sterling silver nose ring

These nose rings are a super thin, delicate and discreet nose ring and they are so popular and I agree they are the best look. 

These come in 26 gauge and 24 gauge thickness. 26 gauge is the thinner of them (24 gauge thicker) The 26 gauge is more popular. I personally prefer the 24 gauge because it's a little more stable and will last a little longer. 26 gauge is about as thick as a hair or a pin. It is VERY delicate!

They look amazing on! As you can see from the photos they are very delicate and there is something really special an understated nose ring. There are times when I see someone wearing a nose ring and of course I am curious about it and inspect it more than most world and I have to say I prefer a thin nose ring, one that is barely there. I like them because it adds something to a persons face without overwhelming their face. Some nose rings in thicker gauges overwhelm some people to the point where all you see when you look at them in the nose ring!

These come with a hook and it can be a little challenging for some people to put these in so I don't recommend them for new nose ring folks! I also don't recommend them for people who like to remove their nose rings to work, shower, sleep or whatever reason especially on a daily basis as they will not be able to maintain their shape well with constant taking out and putting in. 

24 gauge gold nose ring with hook

We make these in many diameters from 6mm to 10mm. We really don't like making them bigger but we will (in 24 gauge) and they are available in 5mm upon request. 

Another thing to note. The nose is the fastest piercing to adjust to a new hoop. If you normally wear a 20 gauge hoop and you put this one in for even a day or two, your nose piercing will adjust to this new hoop and all your old nose jewelry won't fit. You will have to stretch the piercing again. So if you are just trying this out, don't leave it in for an extended period of time unless you are prepared for your new nose ring gauge to be smaller!

If you want to shrink your piercing hole (some people do want to do this) then this is a great nose ring to do just that! This will keep your piercing open while it adjusts and makes your piercing hole smaller! 

I HIGHLY recommend this nose ring and as I said before this is our most popular nose ring, so many people agree with me! 

If you are interested in this nose ring we have videos that help you measure for the right fit.

Measure your nose for the right fit This really help because just buying a hoop and hoping it fits can be frustrating! You want to know that you are ordering the perfect hoop for you :) 

Metals guide and what metal is right for you! Knowing about metals is super important. Some people are sensitive to certain metals or having certain metals tarnish easy because of body chemistry. This guide will help! 

This is also a good article on things that tarnish your jewelry  this will help you determine the best metal for you and your lifestyle

I hope this information is helpful to you and of course if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help further! 

Blessings ♥

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