The Most Comfortable and Cute Belly Ring Ever!

November 14, 2018

Personalized Belly Ring in Sterling Silver

I have struggled for years to find belly rings that I liked and were comfortable. The standard belly rings yo buy in retail stores and difficult for me. I especially hate the ones with the little ball you have to thread because I always end up losing the ball! So I decided to design my own and I'm so happy with these belly rings! They are SUPER comfortable, minimal and delicate! They come in 4 different diameters and 4 gauges.

Our plain and hammered belly rings are simple, minimal and SUPER comfortable. The plain is a simple plain ring and the hammered has a light hammered effect on the face of the ring. They come in sterling silver .925, 14k gold filled and 14k pink gold filled. They will last a very long time and you wont even notice them in your piercing!

  Gold Hammered Belly Ring

We have also created these with gemstones. A small 4mm gemstone at the front of the belly ring with synthetic opals (we can also do these in real opals) and various gemstones. If you don't see a gemstone you want just contact us as we can do one that will suit you better!

 Green fire opal belly ring in gold filled Onyx elly ring in gold Pink Sapphire Belly Ring

And for those who like a little bling with their belly ring we have belly ring dangles! These are cute little metals and beaded dangles that you slip over the ring (one of ours or one you already have) to create a cute little dangle belly ring! We decided to list them seperate so you can pick and choose the designs you like. Pick a belly ring and pick a dangle! 

 Belly ring charm cherry blossom Belly Ring Charm Moon & Star in Silver Belly Ring Charm Hummingbird in Silver

Directions for measuring for a belly ring are simple and just like our earrings and nose rings. Measure from the top piercing hole to the bottom hole in millimeters if you have it available and if you don't you can google inches to mm conversion, enter the inch measurement you got and it will convert it to millimeters for you!

You want to be sure and put in your belly rings with clean hands and clean the jewelry before putting it in with rubbing alcohol and we recommend putting it in with antibiotic ointment like Neosporin or another brand you like. These are so comfortable you will forget they are there! I love them and designed them for myself because I couldn't find any that I liked that were comfortable!

We are thinking about doing these in solid 14k gold in the future but currently if you have a request for 14k gold belly ring we will make them for you! Just message us at and we will get you a price and eta on delivery! Last but not least don't forget to check our sale items for a possible match for you! 

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