How To Measure Your Piercing For A Ring

February 16, 2013 1 Comment

What size tiny hoops should I buy?

Figuring out what size hoop earring you need can be a big challenge! We have attempted to make this less of a challenge with our "how to measure your piercing" video! In the video we explain how to measure your piercing for a ring. Maybe you want a tighter fitting ring and aren't sure what size to get? This will help! 

The other thing you can do (aside from following the instructions in the video) is if you currently wear tiny hoops and you like the size of them, take the hoop off and measure the inside diameter of the hoop with the millimeter side of the ruler, as shown below. 

how to measure the hoop you have

All our hoops and nose rings are made based on inside dimensions. The thickness of the hoop will change the outside dimensions. For instance a 20 gauge hoop is 0.8 mm which is just under 1mm, so the outside dimension of an 8mm ring will be close to 9mm. An 18 gauge is 1.02mm so the outside dimensions of an 8mm ring would be just over 9mm. 

For instructions on how to measure your piercing for a ring please watch our video below and if you like the video please click our logo in the top left corner of the video window and like and subscribe to our youtube channel. This will help us know what content is popular and what isn't so we can keep creating video content you all want to see!

Below is a guide in written form on how to measure for those that are hearing impaired or prefer written instructions

I know for some this can be a grueling process but that part is over and the fun starts now! Once you have figured out what size you need it is time to go shopping! Click the photos below to get started and most of all, have fun!

If you have a question or would just like to comment on this topic please do so below and if you would like to share this information with your friends you can use the social links below! We hope this post helped make your life a little easier!

Super thin nose ring in pink gold Set of Thin Nose Rings Tiny Hoop Earrings In Gold with Silver Wrap  cartilage earring in silver with a bead

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Jant Bell
Jant Bell

February 20, 2017

I would like11 mm sterling silver hoops. (Hook) Gauge 18. How do I go about ordering them? It does not offer me that size.

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