Spirituality, My Path and My Jewelry

October 06, 2021

Garden of the Gods Colorado

I have been a “spiritual person” forever. My whole life I have been interested in the spiritual. My family was “spiritual” not necessarily religious and we from time to time attended church, but we also attended Vedanta, which is one of the 6 schools of Hindu philosophy, Transcendental Meditation classes, and various other classes and seminars. So, I grew up learning a wide range of spiritual beliefs and practices.

When I was about 18 or 19, I went to every church in my hometown talking to the heads of the churches about their beliefs and views. I thought I would find one that just “fit” my spiritual beliefs perfectly and sadly I never did. This didn’t stop me from attending church. I continued, throughout my life attending Churches, but the standard churches never seemed to fit me. I finally landed on Alternative churches such as Unity. Although I have never attended Unity, I have been to several churches for extended periods of time who functioned much like a Unity church.

I have a personal relationship with God and Jesus however I do all the things that “Christians” think is evil and forbidden. I read tarot, talk to spirit, study hypnosis, study astrology, do yoga, meditate, use ancient methods of healing and clearing and I love rock and crystals. You could say I am an eclectic spiritualist. I love things that bring me closer to God, angels, and my guides! I know I am unusual, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of my chosen spiritual path. It is my own path, and I don’t need anyone to agree with me or understand my path. I am also not looking to convert anyone to “my path” or have followers of “my path” it is my own journey and I rarely ever share my view with others. I think a spiritual path should be solitary and I don’t condemn anyone for their beliefs. I think if someone is on a spiritual path that is amazing, and I encourage them to follow that path. What I “think” about their path isn’t important, what they think about it is what’s important.

Today is the New Moon (at 13 degrees of Libra) and new moons are for new beginnings, so this blog is timed perfectly, and I didn’t plan this timing so it’s even more perfect. I was writing a post about a new jewelry item I am working on and thought how I would love to, at times, write about other things and here we are. I have created a separate space for these posts, and I am not sure how often I will post on this section. It will depend on my mood or what’s on my mind at the time. I love making and creating jewelry, but it isn’t my only focus and at times writing about jewelry gets a bit mundane.

My jewelry has become a bit of an expression of my beliefs and the things I love in life. Most is fun and functional, but I have other pieces I create that are at the core of who I am, and I have been expanding these pieces more and more over the years. While I create these pieces, I think a bit about the spiritual aspects behind them and I find that I would love to write a bit more about those aspects. I hope you will follow along with me on this journey and if you would like to get a weekly notice on new posts just go to the front page and sign up for our newsletter so you get them!

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Mercury Is Direct! Yay!
Mercury Is Direct! Yay!

October 18, 2021

I have been wearing it on my pointer finger and I just love the way it looks and how comfortable it is! Its a multi dimensional ring, the crescent moon is subtle and people are always asking if they can see it closer! 

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Yoga Is The Key To Life
Yoga Is The Key To Life

October 15, 2021

When I was a child there was a woman who lived up the street from me. Her name was Molly Snap and she was an amazing woman. I loved spending time with her. She was in her 60's or 70's at that time I believe. I would go to visit her and a few times she said "I can't visit right now, I'm doing yoga" and she at one time told me that if she didn't stay focused on her yoga it would fall apart and she would be sad. After that, if I went to visit Molly and I saw her doing yoga in her living room I would just walk away and not disturb her. Many years later she passed away but I have always had Molly in my heart and mind and probably always will. 

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Planet Pluto, Yes I Consider It A Planet
Planet Pluto, Yes I Consider It A Planet

October 07, 2021

Pluto is turning direct and it is on my mind! I am a double Sagittarius (sun and moon) with Mars, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn and I use the nick name Pluto's toy and I have felt like a toy to Pluto for the last 26 years!

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