Freaky Moon & Stars Moment

December 08, 2021

Kitchen Table Moon & stars moment

In the mornings, I like to sit at my dining room table while I wait for my coffee to brew. I will read, study astrology, look up information on the internet, check emails and if there is something I need to cook I will usually start it. 

One morning this last March the most amazing thing happened. 

On one of the walls in my kitchen I have a sun face and several stars and this morning as I was sitting at the table waiting for my coffee, I noticed this 

appearing moon on the wall

It started out as a very soft, subtle mark on the wall. At first, I couldn't figure out what it was, but it looked like a half moon. A few minutes went by and it got more intense 

crescent moon on the wall

and started to look like a crescent moon. Another couple minutes later it became a full moon!

full moon on the wall

Another few minutes and it was gone. I realized that it was coming from a round moon mirror I have on the wall across from this wall. The sun was coming through the window, hit the mirror and reflected on the sun and star wall. How fitting it was a moon and even more fitting it went through the phases!

Somethings in life are really cool :) 

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