Angel Numbers - My 1222 Story

March 02, 2022

Angel Number 1222 Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

One day I noticed the number 1222 and then again in the later part of the day I saw it again 1222. Then I started waking up at 1222 in the morning and noticing the clock at 1222 in the afternoon. I would balance my bank statement and see a transaction or a total of 1222. 

When driving I would see license plates with 1222 in them. I would go to the store and the total would come to 1222. Endless and constant 1222 sightings for about 2 weeks straight. I kept looking around and being aware of everything going on around me but nothing was glaringly obvious. 

One day I sat down at my computer to schedule a T time for golf and as I was scrolling through the times and availabilities I saw 12:22 was completely open, 4 spots. I laughed out loud and said "Oh aren't you guys funny!" and booked 2 spots. 

I knew there would be something that would happen during this time slot that would be very good for me or someone else! I knew this is what the 1222 was telling me!

I showed up at golf and met 2 men who were very nice and we had a very nice and fun round of golf. One of them was into this shopping club that dealt with all non toxic, all natural, made in the USA products and I made an appointment with him to find out more. 

It has been several weeks now and not only did I join this club but I have gotten 2 orders and waiting on the 3rd order to arrive and I am over the moon in love with the products!! I have ordered mostly cleaning supplies and a few cosmetics and supplements to try out and if they are anything like the cleaning supplies I have gotten I'm sure I will LOVE them. 

Cleaning is always a chore for me because I cannot stand the smell and toxicity of the products I buy at the grocery or big box stores, so these products have helped make my home cleaning much more enjoyable and I am thrilled to not feel like I am poisoning myself, my animals and family and the environment with these toxic chemicals that are in most cleaning supplies. 

The other issue I was having was makeup!! I cannot wear make up anymore because it bothers my skin and makes my eye puffy and red and they water all day when I do try to wear it. I'm not sure if they are putting in some new ingredient that I am allergic to but it doesn't matter what brand I get they all bother me. I miss wearing make up and I dread the times when I do wear it knowing it's going to bother me and make me feel miserable. 

This company sells face care and cosmetics too and I cannot wait to try out the eye make up to see if it bothers my eyes. I will keep you all posted on this!

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