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March 14, 2022

daily affirmations

I am an affirmation junkie! I love to use them to keep me focused on what matters, what is happening right now and what I want to manifest in the future. 

Years ago I created a bunch of affirmation cards. I made them on word, blank business cards and a laminating machine. I keep them on my desk and daily I pull a card for that days focus. 

Since I am pulling them from a stack of cards the one that I pull out is always based on the thoughts or concerns I am having that day and the affirmation I say helps to remove that worry from my mind and turns it into a positive "affirming" prayer. 

When praying, it is a good idea to thank God for unanswered prayers and to affirm your success in life rather than pleading. By stating an affirmation you are allowing the energy to enter your experience. When you plead or ask for it, your energy is saying that you don't have it and you are creating a need rather than a fact.  

For instance if you affirm or pray "I wish I were more confident" the energy you are bringing in is a wishing for confidence and you will most likely stay in "wishing mode" 

If instead you affirm you ARE confident, your energy is creating confidence not wishing for it! In a way it's a lie and I had a hard time with this when I started using affirmations. I would say it then think "but I'm not confident!" which of course is counter productive! Over time I started to get the hang of it and stopped trying to make everything true. It took awhile for me to get that down but I do it with ease now and I feel better when using affirmations!

The minute I start to use an affirmation like "Everyday in every way I am more confident" I instantly feel more confident and my energy changes to a feeling like I can handle anything life throws at me. If I have something I need to do that I am feeling worried about, this affirmation will instantly change my energy and I will just go to it instead of worrying about it! 

I highly recommend using affirmations everyday to focus your energy and a nice piece of raw gemstone jewelry that helps with the issue I am working on helps too! 

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